Why am I not Getting Orders on Fiverr?

Fiverr is a great place to start your freelance career. But if you are a new seller it might be little harder to get sales on Fiverr. You might wonder, why am I not getting orders on Fiverr? Is it because I’m new? Answer is YES and NO. It is little complicated than just a simple yes and a no. Not getting clients on Fiverr can be really frustrating. Especially if you are new to Fiverr and don’t know the Fiverr behavior. So let’s see “why I Am Not Getting Orders On Fiverr”.

Here are the main reasons you are not getting sales on Fiverr. These are beginner mistakes people do when they first start Fiverr.

1. Not active enough
2. Gig is not attractive
3. Your pricing is too high
4. Gig is not properly SEO
5. High competition niche
6. Unpopular niche
7. New to Fiverr
8. Bad profile

The answer to ‘why am I not getting sales on Fiverr, is inside your Fiverr profile. If you check your gigs statistics you can find the answer. Let me explain these beginner mistakes on Fiverr so you can prevent doing these and get orders daily on Fiverr.

Why am I not getting orders on Fiverr
1. Not Active Enough

Few years ago this factor wouldn’t matter. You would get orders on Fiverr even if you are not that active. But nowadays almost ever buyer message the seller before they order a gig. So you must stay online as much as you can. Buyers won’t wait on you after sending a message. If you don’t reply fast enough the buyer will go to another seller who is online and reply on time. Also Fiverr list online sellers’ gigs first. So you need to stay online at-least 12-16 hours per day. Especially if you are new to Fiverr.

2-3. Gig is not attractive & Your pricing is too high

Like I said earlier, answer to not getting clicks on Fiverr is inside your profile. So to find the answer follow these steps.

  1. Switch to Selling
  2. Go to Gigs tab
  3. Check the number of Impressions
  4. Check the number of clicks

You are getting very important information here. If you getting good amount of impressions but not enough clicks, it is either first impression of your gig is not so good or your prices are too high.

Your gig cover is the very first thing your customers see. If it’s not attractive enough, they will never click on your gig. So you have to have a very attractive cover or video for your gig. (How to create an attractive GIG)

Even if you have an attractive gig you might not get any clicks if your price is too high comparing to your competitors. So when you price your gig checkout competitors and price your gig fairly.

why am I not getting sales on fiverr
4-5. Gig is not properly SEO & High competition niche

So if you have a very low impression count. That means your gig is not showing on Fiverr results. This happens for two reasons.

1. No SEO
2. High Competition

1. Let’s say you have a flower shop in your town but no one knows about it. So how can you get any sale? By telling people about your flower shop right? Same principle apply here. You need to tell Fiverr search about your gig. You need to let Fiverr search algorithm know that you are providing these services on these categories. Otherwise your gigs won’t show up on search results.

This is why SEO is very important. You must SEO your gigs properly to get orders daily on Fiverr. But if you don’t know how to SEO your Fiverr gigs, read more about Fiverr SEO in our How to Become Successful in Fiverr 2022. It has everything you need to know about how to create a Fiverr gig properly.

2. The other reason you are not getting enough impression on your Fiverr gig is that you have chosen a very high competition niche or a category. Let me explain this with an example.

Let’s say you are providing logo design service on Fiverr.  Currently it has 210,471 services available on that category. That means there are 210,471 gigs regarding logo designing. So if you are a new seller, you cannot compete with this. There are already top listed gigs from top sellers so no one is going to browse 50 pages to see your gig. So you won’t get any impression if you select a high competition niche.

Recommended amount for a beginner is less than 1000 gigs. So if you are a new seller, always select niches which has less than 1000 gigs.

Why am I not getting orders on Fiverr? - not getting clients on fiverr
6. Unpopular niche

This is another good reason to ‘Why am I not getting orders on Fiverr’. If you are selling something no one wants, who is going to buy that? You always need to select a low competition niche but it should be somewhat popular. Otherwise no one will order your gig and you will be not getting clients on Fiverr.

7. New To Fiverr

If you are a level 2 seller on Fiverr, you have no problem getting sales. But if you are new, Fiverr won’t trust you easily. So the amount of traffic you are getting is very low. Buyer’s satisfaction is very important to Fiverr so they always try to provide the best services to the buyers.

When you are not a proven seller, Fiverr considers so many factors before giving traffic to your gigs. This is the reason new sellers not getting clients on Fiverr.

So how can you make Fiverr trust you? You need to maintain a very good clean profile. Take as much as skill tests possible. Promote your gig on social media. Once you start promoting and optimizing your gig, Fiverr will give you a boost and you will start getting orders on Fiverr.

8. Bad Profile

Will you buy something from someone who has bad reputation? Probably not right? Others don’t either. People won’t buy your gig if you have a bad profile. Don’t even ask why am I not getting orders on Fiverr if you have a bad Fiverr account.

So first you need to fill everything and complete your profile. Consider the following when you are creating your profile on Fiverr.

  • Appropriate Profile Photo. (It is better if you can use your own photo. But your company logo is acceptable too.)

  • Clear description. (Add details about you and your working experiences and educational background.)

  • Add all the skills you have. (Take as much as skill tests you can and verify your abilities)

  • Link your social media account to showcase your previous works.

But this is not enough. You need to maintain your good reputation. In order for you to maintain your profile status, you need to keep the following factors 100%

– Inbox response rate
– Inbox response time 1 hour max
– Order response rate
– Delivered on time
– Order completion
– Rating

These are the main factors Fiverr consider when it comes to your profile health. If you have a high cancelation rate, Fiverr won’t give you much traffic. Same goes with the other factors. If they are low, Fiverr consider you have a bad seller and cut you off from their search results.

So how to prevent all these and keep your profile healthy? I have a separate article about your Fiverr success. You can learn how to fix your profile if you have bad reputation. Read here.

Now you know the reasons to ‘Why I am not getting orders on Fiverr’. Try to prevent above beginner mistakes on Fiverr from happening and you will be able to get orders daily on Fiverr.

How to get orders daily on Fiverr?

It is a huge area. Cannot just cover in the same article. So check our article about How can I Increase Sales in Fiverr to find the answer.

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