Which Country uses Fiverr the Most

Which country uses Fiverr the most? This is a very good question with few good answers. If we are generally speaking,

These countries use Fiverr the most:
1.United States37.53%
5.United Kingdom4.28%

But Fiverr has two types of users. Buyers and Sellers. So we can divide the above data into these two categories.

Which country have more buyers in Fiverr?

When we are considering buyers only. Following countries has the most buyers on Fiverr. 70% of the buyers on Fiverr are from these 5 countries.

1. United States
2. United Kingdom
3. Canada
4. Australia
5. New Zealand

53.14% of Fiverr’s annual revenue comes from United States buyers. The total revenue from United States’ buyers is $100+ million per year. So United States of America is the No.1 country to use Fiverr as buyers.

Which country has the most sellers on Fiverr?

Most sellers on Fiverr are from Asian countries. 67% of the Fiverr sellers are from following countries,

1. Pakistan
2. India
3. Bangladesh

Now you know which country uses Fiverr the most. So if you are a freelancer who is looking for the answer to “Which country is best for Fiverr?” Answer is United States of America. But if you are thinking about targeting a country for your gigs, it’s not that useful. Rather than targeting a country target most selling services on Fiverr.

Which country uses fiverr the most - Most Selling Services on Fiverr
Most Selling Services on Fiverr

1 Logo Designing
2. Voice Over
3. Illustration
4. Photoshop Editing
5. Article Writing
6. Web Development
7. Video Editing
8. Animation

But if you are new to Fiverr, going after popular services is a huge mistake. There thousands of sellers dominating these fields. Instead, find some low competitive categories for your gigs. Checkout our article about “How to become successful in Fiverr” If you want to learn more about finding low competitive categories and creating Fiverr gigs.

Which language is mostly used in Fiverr?

If you are thinking about become a seller on Fiverr, you must have at-least average communication skills in English. Like I mentioned earlier in this article, United States, United Kingdom and Canada are the top 3 countries buyers come from. All these countries speak English. So English is the mostly used language in Fiverr. So you must know how to communicate in English.

But if you are a buyer the situation is little bit different. 160 countries uses Fiverr both buyers and sellers. There are so many service provides worldwide, so you can get your services from almost any language.

But the most commonly use language in Fiverr is English (US)

I think now you got a clear idea about which country uses fiverr the most, how many countries use Fiverr and which country is best for Fiverr. I publish article about Fiverr, Freelancing and other new online money earning methods. So don’t forget to visit us again. Feel free to comment if you have a question or have anything to add.

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