Top 5 Online Business With Small Investment 2022

E-Money or earn money online is one of the most profitable methods there is to earn money. Why? Because you can start a business with very little investment or without any investment at all. So what are the online business with small Investment that you can start today?

There are so many options out there for you to choose from. But before you go in to a business you need to prepare for it. Because even if it is an online business, it is still a business. So you need to treat it as a real business. I will share some low investment online business ideas and how to start small investment business. If you want to learn about the things you can do to earn money online without any investment, Read our article about that here: Best Ways to Earn Money Online Today without Money

Top 5 Low Cost Online Business Ideas:

1. Dropshipping Business

2. Print-on-demand Business (POD)
– Clothing
– Posters, Greeting cards, etc..
– Phone Covers

3. Sell Digital Products
– Videos
– Photos
– Music
– Animations
– Sounds

4. Sell Services
– Video Editing
– Pet Sitting
– Baby Sitting
– Handyman Services
– Landscaping

5. Sell Products online
– Clothing Line
– Beauty Products
– Shoes
– Handbags

– Watches

Online Business With Small Investment

1. Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is probably be one of the easiest low cost online business Ideas in the world. Why? Because you only need very little amount of money to start a dropshipping business and you don’t need to keep an inventory. If you start a local store or a shop, you must maintain an inventory. That’s the beauty of Dropshipping online money earning model. You don’t have to worry about investing and keeping an inventory. All you need is an e-commerce website and some money for promotions and your dropshopping store is good to go.

For an Example if you want to sell shoes, you can create a website to sell shoes without actually having shoes to sell. Once a customer place an order on your website, you can go to Aliexpress or any similar online marketplace and place the exact order with your customer’s name and address. And you get a small profit from that sale. This is the very basic explanation of Dropshipping.

If you want to learn more about Dropshipping business model and how to do it even without any investment, Checkout our article about ‘What is Dropshipping and How to Start’.

2. Print-on-demand Business

This is another great low risk low investment online business ideas that you can use to start a small investment business online. What is print on demand business model? Print on demand means you print the product only if a customer place an order. This eliminate the risk of having so much inventory that aren’t selling. You can apply Print-on-Demand(POD) online business model to T-shirts, posters, bags, backpacks, books, phone covers and so many other businesses. You can either use your own website or you can use a platform where you can open a store. This article will give you the exact idea of Print on Demand online money making business model. Read about “Print on Demand Business model”.

Low Investment Online Business Ideas

3. Sell Digital Products

When you think about online business with small investment, selling something online might be the first thing that comes to mind. But maintaining an inventory is one of the biggest challenges a beginner has to face. Because low investment online business means you probably don’t have much money to spend on the business. So spending money on an inventory is a no-no. What is we can sell products which doesn’t require inventory? That would be amazing right?

Lucky for us digital products like photos, videos, music, e-books, audios, animations and so many other things don’t require an inventory. You only need disk space to store them digitally. You can sell these products easily on the internet. If you are a photographer or if you have a good camera, go outside take some quality photos of flowers, trees, sky, grass, animals or take some household items and take pictures of them. You can sell it. Possibilities are endless. Also there are so many websites that you can open stores for your products. You don’t even have to invest on making your own website for your low cost online business idea. Checkout our “How to sell products online” article for complete introduction to sell digital products online.

4. Sell Services Online

Let’s say that you have a local landscaping business. What might be the number one problem you are facing? Maybe reaching customers? If you start an online business, you can easily eliminate that problem. Not just for landscaping, you can start a pet-sitting business online or babysitting business. You can start a low investment online business for any service you can think of. Video production house, Handyman, a moving company, security company, house sitting services, pet care services, cleaning services etc..

Low Cost Online Business Ideas

5. Sell Products online

Like I said earlier, Selling products online of one of the most common online money making methods there is. But in order for you to run a successful store you have to invest little money to it. You need to create an e-commerce website, plan advertising and maintain an inventory. This earn money online method is little bit different from the once we have discussed earlier. Because you need to maintain an inventory. But it is one of the most profitable.

So what are the products that I can sell online? Answer is simple. Anything that aren’t illegal. If your country allows you to sell that product and your target audience’s countries allows, you can sell it online. But to be safe, you can start some common businesses like:
Clothing Line
Beauty Products

so on..

I have tried every single methods I mentioned here except for Print-on-Demand (unfortunately this method doesn’t support in our country). And these are the easiest five online business with small investment to start if you have very little knowledge about the subject and money. But you must understand that each online money making method has their risks. You may not be successful in your first go. Sometimes you might fail. I did too. I failed my first 3 dropshipping stores before I became successful with my forth one. It took me a year to be successful in dropshipping so failure is not the end.

How To Start Small Investment Business Online

Quick Tips on How To Start Small Investment Business Online

– Research. Doing a huge deep research is a must if you are staring a business whether it is online or not. You must learn everything about the business and the industry.

– Legal side of the business. You must learn about legal side of your business. What are the things you can do and what are the restrictions you have. What are the laws apply with your business and what are the laws apply to your target audience (customers). I suggest you to seek professional advice for this one.

– Business Registration and Tax. You must find out if you have to register your business and what are the taxes you need to pay for your business. In some countries you don’t have to register online businesses but it depend on the country. So you must contact a professional to get more advice regarding the matter.

– Pick Products. Once you find out all the necessary details about your industry, you need to pick the products which you are going to sell. For an example, If you are selling cloths, which types? Women, men, children, unisex so on.. Also you need to plan what are the cloths suitable for season. No point of selling winter cloths in summer.

– Marketing and Promotions. Before you start small investment business online, you need to think plan how to market your business and what are the platforms you are going to use to promote your products. You need to identify your audience. What type of people would be interested in your product? Then create promotions and advertising accordingly.

– Website and social media. If you are going to start small investment business online, you need your own website and social media pages. So create user-friendly attractive website where visitors can browse your products easily. Also maintain healthy social media is essential for online businesses.

– Cost and Profit. Just calculating profit is one of the biggest mistakes that you can do. Business in not just about profits. You need to calculate every single cost including packaging, delivery, shipping, product damages, handling charges, tax and so many other costs before you calculate the profit. Otherwise you will lose money.

– What would I do? You must consider every possible scenario and make plans for each one.

  • – What would you do if your package get stolen or misses or damage?
  • – How to recover if something happens in your industry?
  • – What to do if you lose money?
  • – What would happen if your computer get broken? What are the backup options you have?
  • – What if something happens to your inventory?
  • – What if someone hack your website and other accounts?

There are so many things that can happen. So you need to analyze your business and be prepared. These things may never happen. But if they do, you know what to do.

– Engagement. You must actively involve in your business. This is a real business, your livelihood depend on it. So you must check everything every day. Your inventory, customer inquiries, product qualities, orders, delivery, website, promotions, new trends, out dated trends products, laws, policies and so many other things.

Building a business takes time and effort. Starting an online business in easier than starting a physical business. But it still takes time, effort, money and patience. Always take professional advice before you start a business and you will be successful. This is “How To Start Small Investment Business“

In the article I shared my experience in online business with small investment for you to get an idea about low cost online business ideas. Checkout other articles to read more ways to make money online and to learn new online business models.

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Mawan Lakshan Aluvihare is a software engineer, social media marketer and an online entrepreneur in Sri Lanka. He completed his bachelor's degree in Interactive Media at Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology in 2014. He is a level 2 seller on Fiverr, a successful dropshipper and the owner of redwolfTAG Solution, a web development company in Sri Lanka.

Mawan Lakshan

Mawan Lakshan Aluvihare is a software engineer, social media marketer and an online entrepreneur in Sri Lanka. He completed his bachelor's degree in Interactive Media at Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology in 2014. He is a level 2 seller on Fiverr, a successful dropshipper and the owner of redwolfTAG Solution, a web development company in Sri Lanka.

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