How to Become Successful in Fiverr 2022

How to use Tricks to Rank your Fiverr Gig on first page – How to become successful in Fiverr 2022

Fiverr, one of the most popular freelancing websites in the world. The platform has more than 830,000 freelancers who are looking for buyers for their services. So getting some orders is really tough. So I’m going to teach you some effective tricks and strategies that you can use to rank your Fiverr gig on first page FAST!!

These are the steps you need to follow to rank your gig on first page. If you follow this guide correctly. You will get your gig listed on Fiverr first page for sure.

1. Create the gig
2. Promote the gig
3. Maintain your profile

Even though this look really simple, each step has so many work to do. Always remember, you have to compete with thousands of other freelancers. So you have to do extra if you want to win the race.

 How to Become Successful in Fiverr 2022

1. Creating the GIG.

Finding a suitable category / Micro niche

Before you create the gig, you need to do your homework. Once you get an idea for a gig, go to Fiverr and search. If you get more than 1000 results, it’s not a good idea to make a gig in that area. You still can target a high volume area, but if you are a beginner it is better to find a low competitive categories than trying to compete with experienced sellers. So select a good category or a micro niche first. “Less than 1000 Fiverr gigs result” is the basic way to determine whether the micro niche you found is good or not.

Keyword Research

Once you find your micro niche, you need to start your keyword research. This step is really important for success of your Fiverr gig.

Let’s see how to do a simple keyword research for Fiverr gigs.

Open up a word document and type few keywords related to your gig. For an example: If you are going to create a gig about logo designing. You can type some keywords like “logo design”, “logo creation” etc.. Always try to think like a buyer. What would a buyer type to search logo designers? Once you wrote down couple keywords, go to Fiverr and search those keywords individually. If your keyword is popular, Fiverr will show some similar keyword suggestions for you. Write down all those keywords on your word document.

How to use Tricks to Rank your Fiverr Gig on first page

Now you need to check all those keywords again by searching on Fiverr and find the top 5 keywords with less results. Now these are going to be your keywords for the gig as well as your tags. Your simple keyword research for Fiverr gig is over now. Pick a main keyword from those five keywords and start creating your gig. Finding right keywords is one of the most important things in “How to Become Successful in Fiverr 2022”

Writing the title and the description

How to write Fiverr gig title and description for ranking the gig Fiverr first page? There are few things you need to follow. These are some SEO methods that you should use when you creating the fiver gig. These methods help Fiverr search engine to identify your gig and rank it on their first page. You have to always push your main keyword. In order to do that you need to include your main keyword in the following places.

1. Add main keyword to gig title
2. You need to add your keyword in the first paragraph of the gig
3. Keyword must be in the URL
4. When you save your images for the gig, add the keyword to its file name. If you know Photoshop you can add all your keywords to image metadata as well.

Now you are ready to complete your gig description. Once you push your main keyword, you can use rest of the keywords here and there. But do not repeat keywords too much. It is bad for your gig. You can use the main keyword once or twice in the description and other keywords just once. Do not use keywords more than that.

If you don’t have an idea how to write the gig description, search your keyword and check the descriptions of first 3 gigs. Get an idea and write your own. Do not copy those exactly. It won’t help you rank your gig on Fiverr first page.

Once you finish writing your attractive title and description with all the keywords, you can add further details about your gig. This will help you with How to Become Successful in Fiverr 2022 .

Add Tags

Tags are really important in a Fiverr gig. Fiverr allows users to use up to 5 tags per gig. So you need to be careful. You need to add the most relevant keywords as tags.  We have already found top 5 most related keywords to our gig during our keyword research. So you don’t have to do any extra work. Just simple add those five keywords as tags.

If you done everything correctly you can finish your gig and publish. But there is an important thing to remember. DONOT edit your gig once you save it. Specially your title and keywords. Previously I have told you that your keyword need to be on the URL or the link. So once you save the gig. it will automatically pick the title as its URL. But if you change the title or the keyword later, the URL won’t change. It will keep the pervious title as its URL. So do not change your keywords or the title for any reason.

Now you have took your first step of “How to Become Successful in Fiverr 2022” You have done everything to optimize your gig to Fiverr search engine. But your work is not finished yet. Now the promotion part begins.

 How to Become Successful in Fiverr 2022

2. Promote the gig

How to promote your Fiverr gig without spending any money? The answer is simple. Social Media. Take the full advantage of social media. Along with your Fiverr account you should open an Instagram page, Facebook page, youtube channel and a Pinterest account for your work. Social media is a great way to reach more people with your Fiverr gig. Once you open Facebook and Instagram pages keep posting your sample works and gigs there. If you done it right, you will get some reach.

Also you can make a video about your gig and post it on your YouTube channel. Add your gig link in the video description.  The best thing about YouTube videos are that you can add more keywords to the video. Which will help your video reach more search results. If you done a good job in the video, people will check the description and visit your Fiverr gig via the provided URL.

You can also find some Facebook groups which allows you to promote your gigs on them. Search “Fiverr gig promotions” on Facebook search bar and you will find lots of groups. But remember not to spam your gig URL there. Just post the gig URL/link with a brief description. Don’t forget to add previous keywords on this description as well.

You can use paid promotions too if you want. But if you are a beginner and don’t have much money, above methods work like a charm. The second part of “How to Become Successful in Fiverr 2022” is now complete.

How to use Tricks to Rank your Fiverr Gig on first page

3. Maintain a healthy profile

Your profile is the number one factor when it’s come to Fiverr. You have to maintain a clean functioning profile. Because without a good profile, no one is going to buy from you. No matter how good your gig is. So let’s see what are the things that you should consider when you maintaining your profile.

I. Stay online
II. Always reply to your messages as fast as you can
III. Don’t cancel orders
IV. Deliver on time
V. Get positive reviews
VI. Treat your profile as a real business
VII. Update your Skills
VIII. Identify spiders’ behavior

Let’s discuss further about how to become successful in Fiverr 2022.

Staying online is really important in Fiverr these days. Because most of the time buyer send you a message before order your gig. So if you were not online. Buyers won’t even bother to send you a message. They will simply go to someone who is online. Also Fiverr give a little boost to those who are currently online. They list online users’ gigs first and then only they list offline gigs. But staying online 24/7 is hard and boring. So how can you stay online on Fiverr without them detecting that you are afk or minimized their page? Simple. All you have to do is install a plugin/ extension to your browser which allows you to set timer to refresh automatically. But do not use a plugin which has only one parameter. Otherwise Fiverr with understand that you are using a bot to refresh and you will get into trouble. So find a good plugin which allows you to add random time refresh clock.

Always reply to your messages as fast as you can. This is really important too. Buyers don’t like to wait for you. So if you are going to late, they are going to another store. So install Fiverr app on your phone. It will notify you as soon as you get a message. Be kind and friendly to all the customers and greet them nicely. Even if they are super rude. If you message quickly it will help you improve your profile too.

Don’t cancel any fiverr order. This is a big NO NO. If you keep canceling orders, fiverr will stop showing your gigs on their search results. So try to keep 0 cancelations on every single gig you have. Because cancel order means unhappy customers. Unhappy customers are not good for business. So Fiverr will list the gigs which has 0 cancelations instead of yours. So try your hardest not to cancel any of your orders unless you absolutely have to.

Delivering an order on time is another way of keeping a good healthy profile. If you keep delaying on delivering, Fiverr will stop giving any traffic to your gigs. Like before, Fiverr won’t like unhappy customers. Also if you don’t deliver on time, customer may give you a bad review and if you have too many negative reviews, no one will buy your gig.

Treat your Fiverr profile as a real business. Because it is one. Selling gigs on Fiverr is like having a real life store. You have to consider it as a real life store. You need to treat your customers right, you need to deliver on time, you need to consider the quality of your products and you have to maintain your store. If you keep your customers happy you will receive many positive reviews. More positive reviews you have most likely Fiverr gives you more boosts and traffic. More good reviews means Fiverr knows that you are a good shop owner and your customers loves your products.

But getting positive feedback is not that easy if you just started. So you can do something about it. But this is an unorthodox method. I don’t recommend you doing this. But if you must. Go to Facebook and search “Fiverr review exchange” you will find some good groups. You can join few and post your gig there. Those who are interested in exchanging reviews will contact you. Then you need to post a review about their gig and they will do the same to yours. Do this on your own rick though.

Keep your skills up to date on your profile. If you learn something new add it to the profile as soon as you are comfortable with your skill level. Also take many free skill tests you can. Fiverr has a bunch of tests to verify your skills. So take all the relevant tests and verify your skills on the profile. This will give your customers a confident in your work.

Identifying spiders’ behavior is important to rank your Fiverr gigs on Fiverr first page fast. Fiverr search spiders are a bot program which helps Fiverr algorithm to identify good gigs to rank on Fiverr first page. Now you can understand how important it is to identify their behavior. All the things I have mentioned previously help you to tell the spiders that your gig is good for Fiverr first page. But there are few more things that you can do to enhance that. In this situation, Facebook is going to be our best friend. Because we are going to need Facebook in order to enhance your profile and gigs.

You may have noticed there is a heart shape icon on others’ gigs. We can click on it and favorite that gig. More favorites you have on your gig is better. Because then search spiders think that people love your gig. So it tells the algorithm to rank your gig on search results. But how can you get Fiverr favorites to your gig? I think you already know the answer by now. Go to Facebook and search for “Fiverr favorite exchange” groups and join. When you select a group check whether it has more than 10 posts per day or not. No point of joining inactive groups. Once you join you will find people who are looking to exchange favorites. This is one of the many ways to learn how to become successful in Fiverr 2022.

 How to Become Successful in Fiverr 2022

Like this you can fix any issue with your profile and enhance it. If you have poor reviews or you have high responding time, there are many Facebook groups that you can join and exchange your reviews, response time and sales. Now you know How to use Tricks to Rank your Fiverr Gig on first page. But I do not recommend doing these methods to enhance your Fiverr profile. But if you are desperate and there is nothing else to do. Try these methods. But it may have certain risks involve. So don’t do any of these too much.

Hope you have learnt much about How to Become Successful in Fiverr 2022. Do everything exactly and you will be successful in Fiverr and your Fiverr gigs will be ranked on Fiverr first page fast.

Visit again to learn more about How to use Tricks to Rank your Fiverr Gig on first page. We post articles daily. You may want to know more easy and quick ways to earn money online without any investment. Checkout our article about that here..

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Mawan Lakshan Aluvihare is a software engineer, social media marketer and an online entrepreneur in Sri Lanka. He completed his bachelor's degree in Interactive Media at Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology in 2014. He is a level 2 seller on Fiverr, a successful dropshipper and the owner of redwolfTAG Solution, a web development company in Sri Lanka.

Mawan Lakshan

Mawan Lakshan Aluvihare is a software engineer, social media marketer and an online entrepreneur in Sri Lanka. He completed his bachelor's degree in Interactive Media at Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology in 2014. He is a level 2 seller on Fiverr, a successful dropshipper and the owner of redwolfTAG Solution, a web development company in Sri Lanka.

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