How can I Increase Sales in Fiverr – Unique Tips

How can I increase sales in Fiverr? The question every new seller has. When I first started Fiverr, I went almost two months without any sale what so ever. It was a really frustrating. I almost gave up. But then I realized that there are more things to on Fiverr than just creating a GIG. So let’s see the things that I did to get many orders from

How can I get many orders from

These are very unique tips to get first order on Fiverr.

1. Optimize your gig to Fiverr search algorithm.
2. Stay online as much as you can.
3. Response to your buyers quickly.
4. Use all gig spaces.
5. Offer more than one package.
6. Add a video to your gig.
7. Offer Quick Service.
8. Promote your gig outside.
9. Healthy Profile.

If you simply focus these areas, you will get the answer to “How can I increase sales in Fiverr” within a very short period of time. Just posting a gig and waiting it to get ranked on Fiverr isn’t enough. You must work hard to get your gig raked on Fiverr search results. Let’s discuss these areas further.

How can I increase sales in Fiverr
1. Optimize your gig to Fiverr Search

So, if you want to get your gig ranked on Fiverr and get your fiver order on Fiverr, you must let Fiverr know that you have a gig which provide these types of services. Otherwise Fiverr won’t be able to find your gig and rank it. So you have to tell the Fiverr search Algorithm. This is what Fiverr SEO or Optimizing your gig to Fiverr Search means.

How to optimize my gig for Fiverr Search?
– Gig Title
– Description
– Tags

First, you need to find tags for your gig. Tags are basically keywords for your gig. You must select 1 main keyword and 4 secondary keywords.

When you are creating the gig, you must use these 5 keywords. Add your main keyword to your gig title, 2 to 3 times through your description and on your tags. As for your secondary keywords, you must use each keyword only once in the description and use them as your gig tags.

If you want to know how to find keywords and how to create a SEO friendly Fiverr gig, Checkout our article about How to Become Successful in Fiverr. You can learn from creating a gig to promoting a gig there.

2. Stay online at-least 12-16 hours per day.

This is really important to get your first order on Fiverr. Almost every buyer sends a message asking about the gig details before making a purchase. But if you are not online, they won’t even bother messaging. They will simply go to a seller who are online. Fiverr even have a filter to search gigs only from online sellers. So staying online as much as you can is really important. Recommend duration is 12-16 hours per day.

But keeping a tab open on your browser isn’t enough. You need to stay active on Fiverr. Otherwise the system will detect you AFK and will automatically change your active status to offline.

I know it sound boring and a huge waste of time. So there is a trick that you can use to avoid this. You can simply install a browser plugin which refresh a single tab time to time. If the tab get reloads time to time, Fiverr system will think that you really are online and will keep your active status online as long as you keep that tab open.

How can I get many orders from
3. Response to your buyers quickly

The whole reason for staying online is to get messages from buyers so that you can turn those messages to order. So it is really important that you response to buyers’ messages as fast as you can. There are so many sellers out there providing the same services as you are. So buyer will not wait on you. They will select another seller. So keep your response rate at-least 1 hour.

There is another reason for you to response to your buyers quickly. Fiverr algorithm rank your profile by response rate. So if you have a very long response time, system will rank your gig less on search results.

4. Use all gig spaces

As a new seller you can post 7 gigs at once. Use them all. Don’t just create single gig and hope that will pick up. Sometimes it will, but most of the time it will not. So create all 7 gigs. 6 more gigs means your chance of getting sales goes up by 6,

If you have the question ‘how can I get many orders from’ on your mind, Do this. Use all the spaces you have. If some gigs aren’t preforming well you can always delete them and create new once.

5. Offer more than one package

Fiverr allows you to create packages for your gig. Use this opportunity to increase sales on Fiverr. Research shows that gigs with multiple packages perform better than gigs with no packages. So adding varieties to your gig you can make your customers buy more than one product or a service during a single purchase. This will increases your average order values which increase the profits and sales over time.

Why am I not getting orders on Fiverr
6. Add a video to your gig

Video is the most effective communication there is. Viewers retain 95% of the message than an image or text. So if you can create a video about your gig, it is really effective. Gigs with videos gain 5 times more engagement than textual content.

So always try to add a video to your gig. If you can use voiceover with the video. It’s even better.

7. Offer Quick Delivery and Free Revisions

Buyers like to get their order as quick as possible. So always try to deliver as fast as you can. This leads to positive reviews, buyers’ satisfaction and your deliver on time rating.

Also offer free revisions. This is a good practice to gain buyer’s trust. Offer them at-least 3 free revisions. But be careful. Some people may use these free revisions to scam new sellers. So you always have to keep that in mind too. If you want to know more about how sellers get scammed on Fiverr, Read our article about that: Can you get scammed on Fiverr as a seller?

What are some very unique tips to get first order on fiverr
8. Promote your gig outside

Okay, now this is the ultimate answer to ‘How can I increase sales in Fiverr?’ If you can generate traffic outside Fiverr for your gig, then it will definitely increase Fiverr sales. There are two reasons for this.

When you generate outside traffic, you expose your gig to potential buyers outside Fiverr. These buyers are not searching a service on Fiverr. They visit Fiverr only to check your gig out. So most of them won’t try another seller.

The second reason is that when you gain outside traffic for your gig, Fiverr algorithm detect this traffic and thinks your gig is popular and doing well. So the system start to give your gig a boost and rank your gig higher on search results.

So how to generate outside traffic for Fiverr gigs?

In order for you to generate traffic outside Fiverr, you need to promote your gig somehow. You can either use paid promotions or free promotions. If you are using paid promotions, it’s much easier. But if you want to use free promotions you need to work bit harder.

How to promote Fiverr Gigs for Free?

– Facebook Groups
– Instagram Stories
– YouTube Shorts
– TikTok
– Pinterest Pins and Idea Pins

Social media is mostly free. So take the full advantage of social media to promote your Fiverr gigs for free.

How can I increase sales in Fiverr - Unique Tips
9. Healthy Profile

Let’s say there is a local shop near you. It has very good products. But the owner is really unwelcoming, always late on delivery, rude to his customers and don’t know what he is doing. Will you shop from a place like that? Probably not right?

Just like that, if you have a bad reputation, no one will buy products or services from you. So you must maintain a clean healthy profile.

How to maintain a healthy profile on Fiverr?

1. Complete your profile.
                – Use an appropriate name and a profile picture
                – Add your educational and working background in the description
                – Add all the relevant skills. (EG: If you have gigs about Video Ads. You can add ‘Advertising’ and ‘Video Editing’ as your skills.)
                – Take skills tests. It will verify your ability regarding that skill.
                – Link your social media pages to showcase your portfolio.

2. Keep your ratings high.

Your ratings are really important for your success in Fiverr. Not just seller ratings. You need to keep all the following categories positive as possible.

                – Inbox response rate
                – Inbox response time
                – Order response rate
                – Delivered on time
                – Order completion

Above factors tell your buyers that you are a good and reliable seller. Not only that, it shows Fiverr algorithm that they can trust you. If you have all these at the top, Fiverr system will automatically rank your gigs high on search results. This one is really important if you have the question ‘How can I get many orders from’.

3. Buyers’ satisfaction

You must do everything in your power to satisfy your buyers. This is the key to your success on Fiverr. If you satisfy your customers to the fullest. They will definitely return to you when they need another service. Also if you make them happy they will always leave a positive feedback. Which is really important.

How to satisfy Buyers on Fiverr
                – Greet them nicely
                – Always talk professionally
                – Try to deliver as fast as you can
                – Give them free revisions
                – Once you finish the deal thank them and ask to leave a feedback. (Don’t ask for a positive feedback. Just ask them to leave a feedback.)

If you do all these things you won’t be asking how can I increase sales in Fiverr anymore. These very unique tips will help you get your first Fiverr order and to increase orders on Fiverr.

If you are wondering Why am I not getting orders on Fiverr? Checkout our article about Fiverr beginners mistakes.

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