How Can I Earn From Google ADs – 3 Easy Tips 2022

How can I earn from Google Ads? There are few ways that you can earn money from Google Ads. The very best way to earn Google Ads is Google AdSense. An advertising platform which allows you to earn by publishing their ads on your products. If you don’t know what the Google AdSense is read my previous article about Google AdSense. There are 3 main ways that you can earn from google ads.
1. Publisher
2. Content Creator
3. Developer

How Can I Earn From Google ADs

1. Publisher

you can earn money from google as a publisher. If you have your own website you can apply for Google AdSense to display their ads on your website. Your website could be a blog, online listing website, your own business, Events or any family friendly website. If it is up to google standards they will accept your request to join their partner program. Once they accept you to AdSense, you will be able to display google ads on your website. Each time your visitors click on an advertisement. you will receive a commission. Checkout this article about how to create a website for Google AdSense and earn money for more information.

2. Content Creator

if you are a content creator you can start a YouTube Channel where you can upload your videos for people to watch. Once you reached their requirements you can request to monetize your channel. Which means you are asking them to enable Google AdSense on your YouTube channel. If they accept your request, you will be able to display Google Ads on your videos and get a commission each time your viewers click on an advertisement.

Here are the YouTube monetization requirements:
1. 1000 subscribers.
2. 4000 watch hours within 12 months.
3. 0 Copyright Strikes.
4. 0 Community Guideline Strikes

in my opinion, This is the easiest method to earn money from Google ads. Because you don’t have to worry about much. Don’t have to worry about maintaining servers, domains or promoting your products. YouTube already have an audience, all you have to do is present attractive and catchy content to them. If they like it then YouTube will automatically boost your channel for you. Once you get an audience, you don’t even have to SEO your videos after.

3. Developer

this is one of the most profitable method of all. But you need little bit of technical knowledge for this one. If you know how to develop mobile applications, then this is the one for you. You can create useful apps, mobile games, funny apps and any other application idea you have. Then you can add them to Google Play Store. If your applications are up to Google standards, they will allow you to monetize your app. You can display advertisements on your app using Admob. Or and you can add in-app purchases like game coins, items, etc..

So these are the three main ways or answers to How Can I Earn from Google Ads. Checkout our other articles to learn about these methods in detail.

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