Google AdSense Earn Money From Website Monetization

Google AdSense Earn Money From Website Monetization

In order for you to earn money from google ads as a publisher, you need your own website. So if you are new to this subject and doesn’t have startup money, you can either earn some startup money first or you can use a platform where you can create a website for free. If you are looking for a way to earn some startup money read “Best Ways to Earn Money Online Today without Money”.

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How to Find Suitable Keywords
How to find Suitable Theme
How to Write SEO Articles
How to Promote Websites for Free
How to Earn Money From AdSense

Niche Ideas
Highest Paid Niches

So if you don’t have money to spend for a hosting and a domain you can use any of the following platforms to create a free website.


When I first started I used blogger. It’s easy and simple to use. All you have to do is login to with a google account and create a blog. There are thousands of tutorials in YouTube that you can learn from. But I personally recommend WordPress. It has so many plugins and themes that you can use to SEO and optimize your website easily.

Google AdSense Earn Money From Website Monetization

So pick a suitable platform for your liking. But don’t create your website just yet. There are few things you need to consider before you build a website for Google AdSense.

1. Find a suitable niche
2. Find Keywords
3. Find a user-friendly theme
4. SEO
5. Write articles
6. Promotions

There are few types of websites that you can create for Google AdSense. eCommerce, Business, Blog, Event and many others. But Blog websites are the most suitable for Google AdSense because it is easy to SEO websites with lots of text. But you can create a website to your liking. Before you start creating a website. You need to find a suitable category or a niche.

How to select a low competitive niche for my blog website?

What is a Niche for Website?

Niche is a specialized category or a specific subject for your website. If you select a specific niche, you need to post articles related to that particular niche. If your website’s niche is “Food Recipes” you should only post articles related to food recipes.

Can I use more than one Niche for a website?
The answer is YES, you can. But you shouldn’t. You should always target one specific niche in your website. There are few advantages of selecting a single niche for a website.

If you only use one niche it is easy to SEO. Google will recognize your website for a particular subject and they will rank your website more on their results. If you select more than one niche, Google cannot identify the area of your website so Google won’t index you in specific search categories.

If you use more than one niche you will have to face a huge competition. But if you only use one, you only have to face the competition related to that specific niche.

It is hard to generate an audience if your website has more than one subject/niche. If someone comes to your website to read about food recipes, he may not like to read about vehicle manufacturing or something else. So if you don’t have related topic, he will not return to your website.

Is there a situation that I can use multiple niches for my website?

Yes there is. If your niches are related to each other you can use them on the same website. For an example. If you target “Food Recipes” niche and “Heath” niche. You can combine those two and write about health benefits of certain foods, heathy ways to eat, how to maintain your body or something like how to create a diet plan, etc… But as a beginner, you should always select a single niche. Actually you should use a micro niche. Micro niche is a very small part of a niche. For an example, “gluten free food recipes” is a micro niche of “Food Recipes” niche.

What is micro Niche and how to find a low competitive niche

How to select a low competitive niche for my blog website?

There is no specific way to find a good niche. But there are some tools that you can use to find popular niches.

1. Google Trends
2. Subreddit Stats
3. Localized Rankings
4. Google Search Console
5. Answer the Public

Above tools are good to check stats of your niche. Popularity of your niche, Competition, traffic and other factors. But how to find a niche? Well there is no tool to generate niche ideas for you. But I can give you a list of most popular and profitable niche ideas in 2022.

Profitable Niche Ideas for your Blog Website 2022


– Fitness
– General Health
– Healthy Food
– Self Healing
– Mental Heath

– Crochet
– Panting
– Dancing
– Photography

– DIY(do-it-yourself) Crafts
– DIY(do-it-yourself) General
– DIY(do-it-yourself) Home Décor

– Working Mothers
– Stay Home Mom
– Mom’s Lifestyle
– Dealing with Children
– Home Time Management

– Raising Children
– Single Parenting
– Home Schooling
– Babies
– Parents Life

Pet and Animals
– Dog Training
– Home Pets
– Pet Toys
– Insects

– Recipes
– Healthy Food
– Gluten Free food
– Children Food
– Healthy Snacks

– Local Travel
– Tourism
– World Travel
– Education

– Couponing
– Budgeting
– Student Loans
– Work from home
– Online Business

Here are some popular niche ideas for you to try in your next blog. But in my personal opinion, pick a niche that interests you. When you write something you like, you will not get bored and demotivated quickly. You will be able to enjoy your work.

How to find main keywords for my websites?

Once you pick a niche for your liking, you need to find main keywords that you are going to target generally. These keywords are not to write articles but to let the google know about your website niche. To find keywords for your website, you can use following steps.

1. Go to and create a free account. Then enter your niche and search for keywords. It will show you a list of keywords. Copy all the keywords you think will good. Then you need to use another tool.

2. Open in another tab. Create an account. Then go to ‘keyword tool’ and click input keywords. Paste all the keywords you found on and search.  You will get stats of each keyword. Check “Keyword Difficulty” on the stats. Low difficulty number means low competition. That means the keyword hasn’t indexed in many websites. And you can easily SEO your website to that keyword.

What is micro Niche and how to find a low competitive niche

If you are new to Google AdSense earn money from website monetization, always pick keywords which has difficulty level of 0-29. If you have experience in SEO you can go for higher difficulty levels. Once you check all the keywords using semscoop. Select most suitable keywords with low difficulty levels. Now you need to add those keywords to your website. You can add these keywords to home page descriptions, about us page and any other suitable page on your website. However do not use these keywords too much. Just 2-4 times in a page. Once you add these keywords to your web pages, you can edit your website template and add all the keywords to meta description. If you are using blogger you can edit the template using theme editor. Or if you are using WordPress, there are plugins that add meta description to your website without you editing codes.

How to find a suitable theme for my AdSense website?

How to find a suitable theme for my AdSense website?

Next step of making a website for Google AdSense is to find a suitable theme or a template for your website. If you are using Blogger or WordPress you can search for “AdSense friendly Blogger/WordPress Templates” and you will find a lot of free templates optimized to Google AdSense. When you are selecting a theme keep the following on your mind.

How to make my website AdSense friendly?
– Use clear colors. Visitor should be able to read your articles very clearly. So do not use dark templates. Black letters in white background is always good.

– Nowadays 63% of internet users are mobile users. So make sure that your theme is mobile friendly.

– Your website need to have a very easy to use navigation.

– Clickable elements on your website need to be easily clickable. Do not use a template which has overlap buttons and other elements.

If you want to know more about how to optimize your website to Google AdSense checkout this guide by Google.

Now you are ready to launch your brand-new website. But there are few pages you need to include before you launch the website.
– About Us page
– Privacy Policy page
– Contact Us page

If you are creating your website for Google AdSense, you need to add above pages to your website. Specially ‘Privacy Policy’ Page. Google requires you to have a page with all your privacy policies. If you have no idea how to write Privacy Policy feel free to check out our Privacy Policy page.

How to write articles for Google AdSense blog websites?

Your articles are the main component of your success. Your entire website is depending on it. So you must write very accurate and SEO friendly articles. In order for you to write accurate articles, you need to follow the below steps.

– Find good topics to write
– Find Keywords for your topic
– SEO your articles
– Add relevant images
– Promote your articles

These five steps have so many bases to cover so I wrote another article explaining each step more clearly. Read this full detailed article about how to write SEO friendly articles for your Google AdSense Blog.

Google AdSense Earn Money From Website Monetization - How to promote My website without any money

How to promote My website without any money?

Now your website is ready to be published. You are almost there to Google AdSense Earn Money From Website Monetization. You need to write about 10 articles and keep it ready to post. At this point you have made all the necessary pages and basic SEO steps. Now you can make your website public and start posting articles. Post those 10 articles at once. Then you need to create your social media pages. It’s a great way to promote your website without spending any money.

You can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for this. Each time you post a new article, make a post about it on your pages. But keep your pages active. Post something relevant every day to gain the engagement. Along with that you can join few active Facebook groups which shares the same niche. Which means if your website is about food, join some groups which discuss topics related to food. Then become a regular member there. Share some important things there. Once you become a regular member you can start promoting your website on the group. But do not spam. Every now and then post about one of your articles and share your link to read more of it. Promote your website but do not disturb the members by doing it.

You can also submit your website on free blog submission websites. These websites allows you to list your website on their online directory. This give your website a good exposure, domain authority as well as some good blacklinks.

Here is a list of free blog listing Websites for you to submit your website.

Blog Listing
Blogs Collection
Blog Adda
Blog Flux
On Top List
Blog Hub
Blog Directory
Blog Engage
Blogging Fusion
Blog Ville
Boing Boing

Now you have done everything to make your website Google AdSense ready. But if your domain is new, you should wait 3 to 4 months before you apply for AdSense. Because Google checks your domain authority and other relevant facts before accepting your AdSense request. So wait few months. Why you are waiting you should keep posting articles. Do not stop creating articles. You should at least post 2 articles per week (minimum). Continuance is really important in blogging. If you get lazy, all your hard work will go to waste. So keep posting good SEO friendly articles no matter what. Once you wait 3 to 4 months you can apply for Google AdSense.

 Google AdSense Earn Money From Website Monetization

Google AdSense Earn Money from Website Monetization and How to apply for Google AdSense?

Now you have a website which is AdSense ready. Go to Google AdSense and press Get Started if you are new to AdSense. You can either create a new Gmail account to join AdSense or you can use an existing account.

Once you have sign in using a Gmail account, you will receive a form to submit your website. Fill this form using correct details and press start. Now you will have to prove google that you really are the owner of the above website. So google will give you a small code to add to your website so that google can verify the ownership of your website. Once you place the code, you need to login to your Google AdSense account again and let google know that you have entered to code they gave you. Once you done that. Google will review your website and let you know if your website is up to their standards. This may take from 24 hours to 2 weeks. If they accept your request, you will be able to display Google ads on your website and earn money from Google Ads.

Watch this video for a step by step clear guide to How to Add Google AdSense to your WordPress Website

If you are using Blogger, Watch this video to learn how to Add Google AdSense to Your Blogger Website.

If you are using Wix, Checkout this video to learn how to link your Website with Google AdSense

Now you have successfully connected to google AdSense. Once you get AdSense approval, you will be able earn money from Google Ads.

How much google pay me per view or a click? Each ad people see or click, you will get 51% to 68% from Google. The rate depends on the niche you are using on the website. Commission you are getting can be from $0.20 up to $15.

Here are some of the highest paid niches in USA

AdSense Niche and Cost per Click

Insurance – $16
Online Education – $12.08
Marketing and Advertising – $6.45
Attorney – $6.11
Internet and telecommunication – $4.96

So from each click you will get around $10.88 to $2.7 depending on ‘cost per click’ to that particular niche.

I think now you get a clear idea of Google AdSense Earn Money From Website Monetization. I will discuss how to earn money from Google AdSense as a content creator and a developer in future articles. This is one of the easiest and most profitable online money earning methods that you can start without investing any money. So don’t get discouraged try your best and you will be successful. If you have any question, feel free to comment below. I will try my best to answer them. Happy Earning!

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Mawan Lakshan Aluvihare is a software engineer, social media marketer and an online entrepreneur in Sri Lanka. He completed his bachelor's degree in Interactive Media at Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology in 2014. He is a level 2 seller on Fiverr, a successful dropshipper and the owner of redwolfTAG Solution, a web development company in Sri Lanka.

Mawan Lakshan

Mawan Lakshan Aluvihare is a software engineer, social media marketer and an online entrepreneur in Sri Lanka. He completed his bachelor's degree in Interactive Media at Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology in 2014. He is a level 2 seller on Fiverr, a successful dropshipper and the owner of redwolfTAG Solution, a web development company in Sri Lanka.

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