Every Joker Actor Ever – Full List of Actors Who Have Played Joker

Joker, the notorious super villain of Gothem city was created by Bill Finger, Bob Kane, and Jerry Robinson back in 1940. His first appearance was in the comic book ‘Batman’ issued on April 25, 1940. Here is the full list of Every Joker actor ever.

Every Joker Actor Ever - Cesar Romero as Joker in Batman The Movie 1966

Cesar Romero (Batman: The Movie 1966)

Cesar Romero got the opportunity to include himself to the history as the very first actor to play joker. In 1966 William Dozier produced ‘Batman: The Movie ’directed by Leslie H. Martinson. They cast Cesar Romero as the Joker in that movie. And Cesar Romero became the very first actor who has played joker in a movie.

Jack Nicholson as Joker in Batman 1989

Jack Nicholson (Batman 1989)

Every Joker Actor ever list would not be completed without Jack Nicholson. He is the second actor to play Joker in the movie Batman 1989, produced by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Heath Ledger The Dark Knight 2008

Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight 2008)

The next actor in our list is Heath Ledger. Without a doubt, the best version of joker of all time. He had the opportunity to play as joker in The Dark Knight movie in 2008. Which was directed by Christoper Nolan and produced by Warner Bros. Unfortunately Heath Ledger died before they even release the movie and later he won an Oscar for best supporting actor for his performance in The Dark Knight movie.

Cameron Monaghan as Joker in Gotham 2014 - Every Joker Actor Ever

Cameron Monaghan (Gotham 2014)

Cameron Monaghan appeared as joker in the tv series, Gotham. The show was started in 2014 and ended after 5 successful seasons in 2019. He is the youngest actor ever to play joker.

Jared Leto in Suicide Squad 2016

Jared Leto (Suicide Squad 2016)

Some might say Jared Leto is the worst joker ever. However the movie was a huge success. “Suicide Squad” is the movie which Jared Leto appeared as the joker. Movie was released in 2016 and it was an immediate success but unfortunately most movie critics described Jared as the worst joker ever. His performances wasn’t terrible but comparing to the others, he induct to the Full List of actors who have played Joker as the worst one so far.

6 Joaquin Phoenix in Joker 2019

Joaquin Phoenix (Joker 2019)

Joaquin Phoenix, the second best joker of all time. He appeared as the joker in Todd Phillips’ ‘Joker’ movie in 2019. Joaquin won the best actor Oscar in Academy Awards 2020 for his performance as the joker. He was able to show the world a side of the joker no one has ever seen before.

Barry Keoghan in The Batman 2022

Barry Keoghan (The Batman 2022)

The last one in our Full List of Joker actors is Barry Keoghan. He is the latest to play joker. Matt Reeves decided to put this upcoming actor as joker in his 2022 The Batman movie. Which was released in March 4, 2022. Barry Keoghan is a 29 year old Irish actor. He has done some projects before Batman but nothing is big as this. Let’s see if he gets his big break through The Batman 2022.

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