Celebrities without Eyes – Really Funny Images

Have you ever wondered how would celebrities look-like if they didn’t have any eyes? If you have, this is your chance to actually see celebrities without eyes. We used photoshop to remove eyes from their beautiful faces. Why? you might ask! Because your entertainment is everything to us and because why not!

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is one of the toughest actors in Hollywood. Let’s see how tough he can be without his eyes. Our brave soldiers used photoshop on his face to remove his eyes. If Chuck Norris finds them, it is going to be the end of them but this is totally worth it. Chuck Norris looks really funny without eyes.

Celebrities without Eyes - Chuck Norris without eyes
Anna Kendrick

The next one is really heartbreaking for us. We didn’t want to do this to her beautiful face but we did it anyway. Our next victim is Anna Kendrick. We are sorry Anna but we had to do this for the sake of internet.

Anna Kendrick with no eyes
Anne Hathaway

We have nothing against Annes but our next pick is an Anne too. She is one of the iconic actresses in her generation. And now! dailyreaderglobal.com presents academy award winning actress Anne Hathway without eyes.

Anne Hathaway without eyes
Chris Pratt

This time we are going against a guardian of the galaxy. We hope that he will manage to guard the galaxy without his eyes. Our next photoshop victim is Chris Pratt. He look really peaceful without his eyes. Doesn’t he?

Chris Pratt with no eyes
Ellen Page

This young actress need to learn how tough the internet can be. With a click of a button you can lose your eyes. We did our photoshop magic on Ellen Page to remove her eyes. She still look so beautiful.

Ellen Page with no eyes
Emma Stone

Since we started to remove celebrity eyes for no reason, we selected one and only Emma Stone to mess with. We hope that she forgive us for the things we done to her amazing face.

emma stone with no eyes
Jennifer Lawrence

The next one was a challenge. We tried so hard to make her look bad and funny without her eyes but we failed miserably. No matter what we did she still came out looking beautiful as ever. This is our favorite Jennifer Lawrence without eyes on her face.

jennifer lawrence with no eyes
Kevin Spacey

No one can escape from the brutality of photoshop. Even though he is an amazing actor, we decided to take his eyes away from him. This is one and only Kevin Spacey! What do you guys think? Is it too much?!

Kevin Spacey without eyes
Simon Cowell

This is a BIG FAT YES from us. Mr.Nasty finally gets what he wanted. We took away his eyes so now he doesn’t have to watch those ugly performances anymore. Simon Cowell here we go.

simon cowell without eyes
Paula Abdul

If we are messing with Simon, we have to mess with her too. This is Simon Cowell’s former partner in crime Paula Abdul. Now two out of three judges can’t see. So far this is going okay!

Paula Abdul without eyes
Morgan Freeman

We’ve saved the best for last. He is a living legend. We did this crime with much love in our heart. Our final victim of the day is Morgan Freeman. The good news is, even though we took his eyes away he has too much wisdom in him. So he doesn’t need his eyes anyway!

Morgan Freeman with no eyes

So what do you guys think about our celebrities without eyes? We know, we have committed a crime against Holywood today. But this is all for a greater good “Your Entertainment”.

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