Best of Australia – 10 Best Places to Visit in Australia

Australia is a country with wildlife, beaches, man-made places, forests, deserts, islands and so many other amazing places to visit. The country has a land area of 7.692 million km². Over 10 million tourists visits Australia each year. These are the best of Australia. You should defiantly visit these place in your next trip.

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House Australia 2020

Sydney Opera House is a preforming art center in Australia. This gorgeous masterpiece located in Sydney harbor in Sydney, New South Wales. The construction of the building started on March 2, 1959 and opened for the public in October 20, 1973. The main architects behind this are Jorn Utzon and Karl Langer. Construction cost of the building is AUD 102 million and the current estimated value of the Sydney Opera House is AUD 927 million. This is one of the most popular tourist Attractions in Australia. Around 2.1 million tourists visit Sydney opera house each year.

Length: 183 m (600 ft.)

Width: 120 m (394 ft)

Area: 4.4 acres

Sydney Opera House 2020

Fraser Island
Fraser Island - Best of Australia

Fraser Island, Australia is the largest sand island in the world. This is one of the top tourist attractions in Australia mainly because of its beautiful beaches. Fraser Island gets over 400,000 local and foreign visitors each year.

Fraser Island 2020

Area: 1,655 km²

Length: 120 km

Elevation: 801 ft

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park - 10 Best Places to Visit in Australia

This breathtaking marine park is located in Julago, Queensland. This park protects a large portion of Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef ecosystem in the world. Over 2 million visitors visit this amazing place each year. If you are going to visit Australia, you should include this place to your map.

Area: 344,400 km²

Established: 1975

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park 2020
Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park 2020

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is one of the largest natural parks in Australia. This park provide home to so many unique creatures including lizards, snakes, birds and other wild animals. If you visit their official website you can find about the activities you can do here.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Established: 23 January, 1958

Area: 1,333.72 km²

Lake Gairdner
Lake Gairdner - 10 Best Places to Visit in Australia

This endorheic salt lake is the largest salt lake in Australia. Located in Central South Australia. This is one of the most amazing creations of Mother Nature. Over 200,000 visitors visits this place each year.

Elevation: 397 ft

Length: 160 km

Width: 48 km

Lake Gairdner 2020
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Harbour Bridge 2020

This is another spectacular man made construction in Australia. The construction of SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE started in July 28, 1923 and opened to the public in March 19, 1932. This bridge connects Sydney harbor to the mainland.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Length: 1,149 m

Width: 49 m

Hamelin Bay
Hamelin Bay 2020

If you are a fan of sea creatures, Hamelin Bay is the best place for you to visit. It provide a home to thousands of Stingrays. This amazing bay is located in Western Australia. This is one of the best natural attractions in Australia. You can enjoy the company of stingrays while enjoying the beautiful beaches. Over 150,000 tourists visit Hamelin Bay each year.

Length: 1,800 m

Hamelin Bay
The Pinnacles
The Pinnacles - 10 Best Places to Visit in Australia

Pinnacles is a limestone desert in Western Australia. The desert have thousands of weathered limestone pillars. The tallest pinnacles are over 3.5 meters. Also provide home to so many desert animals. If you are going to visit Australia, you shouldn’t miss this amazing creation of Mother Nature.

The Pinnacles

Area: 192.7 km²

Kakadu National Park
Kakadu National Park - Best of Australia

This national park is the home for over 2000 plant species and wild animals. This is one of the largest natural parks in Australia. Contains waterfalls, lakes, forests and mountains. As a tourist there are so many activities for you to do while enjoying the wildlife. Including safari, walking, hiking, bird watching and so on.

Area: 19,804 km²

Established: April 5, 1979

Kakadu National Park wildlife
Kangaroo Island
Kangaroo Island - Best of Australia

Kangaroos are one of the cutest animals in the world. What if there is an island full of them? Don’t you want visit? South Australia has an island just for Kangaroos. Over 140,000 tourists visit Kangaroo Island each year just to watch Kangaroos and other wildlife in the area. Don’t forget to visit this island in your next trip to Australia.

Kangaroo Island Australia seals

Area: 4,405 km²

Elevation: 307 m

Kangaroo Island Australia

If you are visiting Australia, you should at least visit few of these places. Otherwise your trip isn’t complete. So what do you think about these 10 Best Places to Visit in Australia? Did we miss anything? Comment your ideas below. Don’t forget to visit again for more interesting content.

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