AdSense What is it and How can You Make Money from Google?

AdSense What is it and How can you make money from Google?

What is AdSense? Answer to that question is really simple. Google AdSense is one of the most popular advertising platforms in the world. This platform allows people to advertise their products and services all around the world. Not only that, it allow people to make money off of it.

How Can I Make Money From Google?

There are so many ways to make money from google. Google offers endless possibilities and opportunities for people to make money online. But in this article we are talking about Google AdSense. So I’m going to tell you How can you earn from google ads.

In order for you to earn money from Google AdSense you need to have your own website or a YouTube channel. If you have either of these you can apply for google partner program. If your website or channel is up to google standards and with AdSense guidelines, they will accept your request. Then you will be able to display google ads on your website. You will get a commission from each advertisement google shows on your website or YouTube channel. That’s the simplest answer to How can you make money from google ads. But the subject is bigger than few words. Let me share my 13 years of experience in AdSense.

AdSense What is it and How can You Make Money from Google?

When I first started earning money online, Google AdSense was one of very first methods I used. Back in 2009 I was looking for a good online money making (E-Money) method to earn some pocket money. I was a senior in high school at that time. If you are interested, checkout my pervious article about Making money online without investing any money. After few failed attempts in various methods, I decided to give a google AdSense a go.

As I said earlier, to earn from google AdSense, you need have a website or a channel. I didn’t know about YouTube at that time. So I wanted to create a website. I didn’t have money to invest at that time. So I picked the best free solution there was. Google Blogger. This platform allows you to create your own websites or blogs with your own domain or with a sub domain of “”. Since I had no money, I decided to go with their sub domain.

I didn’t know anything about Google policies, copyright laws, SEO or anything else for that matter. Just wanted to earn some money online. So I created a blogspot where people can download movies online. I searched movie links to download and posted on my blogger website. I also had a website where I post celebrity photos. This is the biggest mistake I made. But I didn’t know that at the time. I didn’t know that copyright is a very serious matter. Sure enough, after few months. I got banned from blogger and AdSense. I wasn’t sure why. So I decided to research on the subject. That’s when I learnt all about copyrights, do and don’ts with Google AdSense. 

If I’m being honest that’s the point I really understood How to earn through Google AdSense. They are all about standards and policies. If your website isn’t up to certain quality, it will reflect on Google. They don’t want that. Their top priority is their clients or advertisers not publishers like us. So we need to maintain best quality as possible.

How Can I Make Money From Google?

Once I understood the full concept, I started few websites where I post articles about various things. But I quickly learnt that was a mistake too. Because targeting so many niches in one website isn’t good for SEO. You need to select a specific niche. I will deeply discuss how to make a successful website for AdSense in another article.

Then I decided to do a research on easy low competitive niches for a blog. I did my homework and I posted high quality content on them. Then I waited few months before applying for AdSense. Because it is better to request AdSense on an old website than requesting on a new one. But while I was waiting I kept posting articles regularly. After I was ready. I applied for AdSense and they approved my application. I earned a good amount of money displaying Google Ads on my website. So I decided to make my own brand other than relying on Google Blogger. They allow us to use a custom domain to our blogspot website. So it was easy. I didn’t have to do much. I bought a domain related to my niche and started my very own brand. That’s the short version of my journey in Google AdSense.

If you are wondering how can I earn from google ads and if you are a beginner, YouTube is the easier choice. If you run your own website it will be much harder. You have to worry about SEO, Hosting and domain expanses, content accuracy, promoting, advertising, niches and so many other things. But if you start a YouTube channel you don’t have to do much work. Because YouTube already have a regular audience. If your content is good and if you do very little SEO in your part. YouTube will send their audience in your way. You don’t have to worry about much. There are pros can cons to both platforms. I will be explaining everything regarding these in another article.

alternative advertising platforms for Google AdSense
What are the alternative advertising platforms for Google AdSense?

In my personal experience, Google AdSense is the best advertising platform for a beginner. It is easy to get the approval and they pay on time without any issue. You can get the payment directly to your bank account.

But there are lots of good advertising platforms out there which pay more. The best thing to do is to get your experience in Google AdSense and then move to another platform.

Here is a list of alternative advertising platforms for Google AdSense in 2022

I think now you have a clear idea of “AdSense What is it and How can you make money from Google”. I will bring you a detailed article about how can you make money from Google soon. Don’t forget to visit us again.

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