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Now you can read and learn about new online earning methods on DailyReaderGlobal.com We provide summarized articles about online jobs, new online business models, E-money methods and various other opportunities for you to earn some money online and be successful in life. We do a huge research about all the subjects before we post an article on our website. Our goal is to help those who are seeking opportunities to become successful with online money earning jobs.

What are My Credentials?

My name is Mawan Lakshan Aluvihare. I am 32 years old. I have a bachelor’s degree in interactive media from Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology. I competed my degree in 2014 and work as a freelancer ever since.

In 2008 I started working at some PTC (Paid to click) websites. It was my very first job in online money making (E-Money). They pay very little money. So I decided to pressure another path. That’s when I came across with file sharing online money earning method. It was very popular in 2008-2011. After working with that E-Money model for few years, I decided to find something stable.

That’s when I start making blogs for Google AdSense. I really didn’t have a huge knowledge about the subject but I made good money doing that up until Google update their copyright policy. At that time, I had no idea what is the meaning of copyright. I was just a kid who was eager to earn some money online. So google banned all my websites.

Then I decided to learn more about computing and other interactive media platforms. So I started my Bsc.(hons) in Interactive media at SLIIT in 2010. While I was learning there, I started few YouTube channels where I became somewhat successful and earned some extra buck for pocket money.

But once I finished my degree I really didn’t want to work under someone. So I wanted to do something of my own. That’s when I started working as a freelancer for Upwork, freelancer and fiverr. While I was working as a freelancer I was continuedly searching good online money making methods which I can use to invest my money.

I started doing dropshipping. But my first 3 stores were disasters. I studied the subject further and learnt what did I do wrong and what are the things I should’ve done to success my shops. So I decided to open another dropshipping store. My 4th store was a success because I knew exactly what I had to do to make it a success. But I didn’t stop from there. I have studied crypto, stock exchange, trading and all the latest online marketing and online money earning methods and online business models. I’ve tried every single methods I mention earlier. Some were successful and some were not. But every mistake I made, I learnt something new. Studying these online money earning methods taught me a lot about the things I should do and the things I shouldn’t do. I’m still eager to learn all the new methods of online business methods and online money making methods. Like I said I made so much mistake while I was learning about E-Money and I learnt a lot. So in DailyReaderGlobal.com, I will share my experience, knowledge and mistakes. So you will be able to avoid those mistakes and be successful in Earn Money Online.

So stay with DailyReaderGlobal.com You will read about latest online money making methods, how to find legit E-money methods, online business models and all the other new business models and E-money methods out there.

I’m currently running a successful dropshipping store, level 2 seller fiverr profile, ebay store as well as a small Web development company call redwolfTAG Solutions in Sri Lanka. If I can be successful, You can too. Trust yourself!!