5 Fun Facts about Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is one of the most loved singers in the world. Even though she is really popular and people know most of the things about her, these facts still might surprise you. So here are 5 fun facts about Taylor Swift you might not know.

5 fun facts about Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift full name Taylor Alison Swift
01. Taylor Alison Swift

Taylor Swift was born in December 13, 1989 to Scott Kingsley Swift and Andrea Swift. They decided to name their firstborn baby girl ‘Taylor Alison Swift’. But there is a hidden meaning behind Taylor’s name. Her parents are diehard fans of American singer James Taylor and they decided to name their daughter after him.

Taylor Swift awards list 2020
02. Taylor’s Awards

Taylor Swift is a very talented singer. There is no doubt about it. She won over 200 awards from nearly 600 nominations including 7 Grammys, 16 American Music Awards and 22 Billboard Awards. Taylor Swift is also the very first country singer to win an MTA Video Music Awards.

Taylor Swift's best friend is Karlie Kloss - 5 Fun Facts about Taylor Swift
03. Taylor Swift’s Best Friend

The lucky one who became Taylor Swift’s BFF is Karlie Kloss. She is an American supermodel. Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss met back in 2013 at a Victoria’s secret fashion show. Taylor and Karlie are very close. Taylor has a reserved room in her house just for Karlie Kloss with all of her favorite snacks and lots of photos of her all over the room.

Taylor Swift's first song is lucky you - 5 Fun Facts about Taylor Swift
04. Taylor Swift’s First Song

Even thought ‘Tim McGraw’ is Taylor Swift’s debut song and her first hit single, it is not her very first song. Taylor Swift’s first song is ‘Lucky You’ wrote by herself when she was 12 years old with a help of a local musician.

5 Fun Facts about Taylor Swift - taylor swift appear in hannah montana the movie
05. Taylor Swift the Actress

Taylor Swift is not just a singer. She can act too. Taylor made her acting debut in 2009 as a troubled teenager in an episode of Crime Scene Investigation. And then she appeared in ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie’ as herself. After, she involved with few other movies and tv shows as an actress and a writer.

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