5 Fun Facts about Johnny Depp – You didn’t Know

These days’ people are talking so much about Johnny Depp the legend and one of the most loved actors in the world because of his defamation of character lawsuit against his former wife Amber Heard. So we decided to bring 5 fun facts about Johnny Depp you didn’t know before. Just so you can learn more about this amazing actor! Hope our beloved actor gets the justice he deserve.

5 Fun Facts about Johnny Depp - You didn't Know

Depp’s Island

Did you know that Johnny Depp owns a 45 acres private island in Bahamas? This isolated island is featured with a mansion, few guest houses and white sand beaches. The whole island runs on solar power and Depp has named all the beaches in his private island after his closes friends and families including his children, Marlon Brando and Heath Ledger. Johnny Depp has 2 helicopters and a yacht in the island.

5 Fun Facts about Johnny Depp - You didn't Know

Johnny Depp the Musician

If Johnny Depp didn’t choose acting, we would probably know his as Johnny Depp the singer and the music producer. Before becoming an actor, Depp wanted to be a rock star. Johnny Depp had his own band called “The Kids”. Depp can play guitar, drums and keyboard. He once recorded with Oasis as the lead slide guitarist.

Johnny depp and nicolas cage 2022 Their friendship

Nicolas Cage’s Impact on Johnny Depp

As the 3rd fact of 5 Fun Facts about Johnny Depp, we are bringing you Nicolas Cage’s involvement in Johnny Depp’s movie career. Nicolas Cage helped him get his very first movie roll “21 Jump Street 1987” by introducing Depp to his first agent. Nicolas Cage and Johnny Depp are very close friends and Depp once said that he would be an actor if it wasn’t for Cage.

Johnny Depp's Guinness world records 2022

Johnny Depp’s Guinness Record

Did you know that Johnny Depp has his own Guinness world record? In 2012 he has included to Guinness Book of world records as the highest paid actor of that year. He earned $75 million that year alone. He hold that title until Robert Downey Jr. get inducted in 2016.

Johnny Depp sexiest man alive people' magazine. Johnny Depp was the sexiest man alive on people's magazine in 2003 and 2009

Sexiest Man Alive

Get recognized as the sexiest man in the world is a great honor that a man can get. In 2003 People’s magazine annual issue has named Johnny Depp as the Sexiest Man Alive. But it wasn’t his only time. Again in 2009 People’s magazine featured Johnny Depp as the Sexiest Man Alive. So he has featured on the cover of People’s magazine not only once but twice. Even though his talent’s has never been recognized by the Academy, People loves him.

So what do you think about these 5 fun facts about Johnny Depp? Did we miss something? Comment if you know more fun facts about Johnny Depp in the comment section. Also you can visit his social media pages and show him some love.

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