5 Easy Steps to Write SEO Friendly Articles and Optimize Articles for SEO

5 Easy Steps to Write SEO Friendly Articles and optimize articles for SEO. Before we go any further, lets divide today’s topic in to two parts. How to write SEO friendly articles and how to optimize articles for SEO. Here are 5 easy steps that you need to follow each time you create an article.

1. Find Good Topics to Write
2. Find Keywords for Your Topic
3. Identify Your Competition
4. SEO Optimize an Article
5. Promote Your Article

Even though this seems simple, each step require your careful attention in order for you to be successful when you SEO optimize an article. Let’s discuss each step in detail.

5 Easy Steps to Write SEO Friendly Articles and Optimize Articles for SEO

Step 1: Find an active topic

In a previous article I have told you all about niches and how to find an easy niche for your website. If you are interested, read about “How can I earn from Google Ads with my own website”.

Now! You already have a good micro niche for your website, and you want to know how to write SEO friendly articles? To write an article, you need to find a good topic. A topic which people are talking about. If no one is interested no point of writing an article about it. So how to find a topic to write on your blog.

We can use resources from the internet for this. Go to answerthepublic.com and quora.com type you niche on their search bar and search. You will be able to find so many topics. Why are we doing this is because, these two websites provide us with the topic people has already search there. When we are writing an article, we should always try to address a question. We should provide a solution to a question someone has. So that’s why we are searching on those two websites. to know what are the questions people have regarding our niche. Pick few topic ideas from those websites and write them down. You have completed the first step. It wasn’t that hard was it?

Step 2: Find low competitive keywords for your topic

Now begins the hard part. How to do a keyword research to write SEO friendly articles? Keyword research for SEO articles is really really important. Your entire success depend on it. So you have to put extra time and effort to Keyword research for SEO articles. If you are new to article writing and SEO you should always find very low competitive keywords to target. So to find good keywords and key phrases for your topic, we can use some free tools.

How to find suitable keywords for my article easily? You can use Keyword.io for this. Visit the website and create a free account there. (You cannot use this tool without an account.) Then type the topic you selected on the search and search. They will suggest many key phrases related to your topic. Pick the once you think most suitable for your topic.

keyword.io for perfect keyword research for SEO friendly articles

You are not done yet. You have found some keywords to use when you are writing SEO friendly articles. But we need to find their competitive levels and traffic scores. No point of using keywords with high competitive levels and very low search traffics.

We have to use Semscoop.com to find out keyword competitive levels and traffic scores. You have to create a free account to use this tool as well. Once you created the account go to Keyword tool and import keywords. Copy all the selected keywords from Keyword.io and paste here. Then press import keywords. They will process your data and provide you all the stats you need to identify perfect keywords for your SEO friendly article.

Semscoop.com for perfect keywords for your SEO friendly article
5 Easy Steps to Write SEO Friendly Articles and Optimize Articles for SEO
Volume Means Google Traffic per month

Now you have to check “Keyword Difficulty” on each keyword. Low difficulty number means low competition. These are the keywords you need to look for. Low competition means you don’t have to fight with many other website in order for you to rank top on google.

5 Easy Steps to Write SEO Friendly Articles and Optimize Articles for SEO

After you selecting keywords with low difficulty level, check their “Traffic Volume” How many times people search these terms on google. In this point you can select keywords with traffic to your liking.

Once you have done selecting your keywords. You need to find the best and most suitable keyword as your main keyword of the article. Now you are ready to learn how to write SEO friendly articles.

Step 3: Find your competitors’ weaknesses

Before you start writing take your time and search your opponents. Websites which are targeting the same keywords. You can do this manually by searching your keyword on google or you can use Semscoop.com tool. They provide top search results of each keyword you have entered previously.

Visit at least top 5 results. And read their article. Now identify what are the things that are missing in their articles and try to add those things in your article.

Here are a list of common mistakes that people make when they are writing SEO friendly articles.

– Not dividing the article in to enough paragraphs.
– Not enough wordings. An article should have at least 500 words.
– Not any or enough images.
– Letters are too small to read.
– Doesn’t address the topic in first paragraph.
– Doesn’t add enough sub headings
– Doesn’t include any outbound links and internal links

Now you know what your competitors’ weaknesses are. So when you write your article you should avoid their mistakes and add elements missing in their articles. As an example; if they have an article with 1000 words, you should write an article with 1500 words. Likewise check above mistakes and fix your article accordingly.

Keyword research for SEO Articles

Step 4: How to write SEO friendly articles and how to optimize articles for SEO

When you write an article, you should include these elements in your articles. That will help you to optimize articles for SEO.
1. Your main keyword or focus keyphrase must be in these place.
– In your article URL/Link
– In first paragraph of your article
– Few times inside your article. But do not use it too much. It is bad for your SEO article. (4 times for an article with 1000 words.)
– In the name of your images. Before you upload your images, rename some of them with your keyphrase. Again, don’t do this too much. It will hurt your articles’ SEO optimizing.

2. When you create an article, you should add some relevant images. An article with just simple text won’t be able to hold the reader much longer. So add some colorful relevant images here and there.
Here are some website, where you can find some free stock images for your articles

3. Use two more keywords throughout the article. Be careful not to add too many keywords too many times. You always have to keep that in mind. The number of times you should use your keywords depend on the length of your article.

4. Add some outbound and internal links.
– Outbound links mean you need to add some links which refers other websites. But these have to be relevant to your article. For an example; Let’s say you are writing an article about drop shipping. So you can add a hyperlink to word ‘ebay’ or ‘amazon‘ with their websites.
– Internal links means the links which redirect to your own website. If you have previous article which related to something you are writing in this article, you can hyperlink that article to a word or a phrase.

5. Try to avoid main keywords you used before. If you have already wrote an article using a keyword. Do not use it again for another article (as a main/focus keyword). Use a similar keyword yet a different keyword.

6. Text length must be over 500 words. More you write is better. So if you can write an article with 1000 to 2500 it would be perfect to optimize articles for SEO.

7. Don’t use long titles. You should always try to limit your title to 50-70 characters because Google only shows 70 characters on their search results. So users cannot see the rest of your title before they click on your article.

8. Use an attractive cover image for your article. Something attract people’s attention. But don’t use any clickbait images, because it really can hurt your website more than you think. Because google collect “Average Session Duration” and “Bounce Rate” data to determine whether your article is a good experience to the user or not.

These are the most important tips to 5 Easy Steps to Write SEO Friendly Articles and optimize articles for SEO.

You have done everything there is to optimize your article to SEO. But your work is not over just yet. Now you have to promote your article. Best free way is to do that is Social Media. You can open your own Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter page as well as Pinterest page. Every time you post a new article, you should post about your article on your social media pages and let the people know. So you will generate few traffic there.

Also join some Facebook groups that shares common niche. For an example, if you write a blog about food, join few active Facebook groups which discuss food. Once you post an article on your website. Make a small post about it on those groups and share your link there. But remember not to spam on those groups.

I’m introducing this as a zero investment method to successful in earn money online. But if you have some money to spend, you can go for paid promotions as well.

Read the article “How Can I Earn From Google ADs” if you want to know how to apply Google AdSense to your website and earn from Google Ads.

So these are the 5 Easy Steps to Write SEO Friendly Articles and optimize articles for SEO. You may have a lot of work to do. But if you follow these 5 steps, you will be able to optimize articles for SEO easily.

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